Past Programs & Events from this Year

September 2017

Introduction to Visual Meetings

Graphic portraying the process visually generating ideas



















Details:        Wednesday, September 20th, 10a-11:30a - Walter Library, room 101

Format:        Workshop

Facilitators: Laura Martin & Heather Mathewson, College of Continuing Education - IT


Interested in enhancing your meetings to get more out of them? Want a different way to convey information to your team and make things easier to recall? If so, come over to the September PCMC event where we will show and discuss tools and techniques to liven up your meetings, increase innovation, and engage your creativity with visual meetings!
Laura and Heather's workshop gave attendees an introduction to the tools and techniques to combat boring meetings, strengthen engagement, increase information recall, and create a environment inclusive to all ideas.  Attendees also participated in different activities demonstrating group activities, sketchnoting, and building a visual vocabulary.  
The techniques that were discussed in this presentation allows for:
  • More active meetings and increased engagement during meetings (combats meeting fatigue)
  • Creating environments more inclusive to the entire groups ideas
  • Increasing information retention and recall
  • Simplifying complex concepts, ideas, and processes

You can start this pretty simply with items you already have in your supply cabinet: markers, paper, post-its.  Don't get hung up on perfection.  This takes practice, but these practices are also more about the communication, than the art.  It's okay if it's not perfect or "pretty" as long as it's understood.  

Check out the presentation resources below, and the PCMC Resources page for more:
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Handling Difficult Project Situations (CCE Webinar)

On September 7th, 2017, the UMN College of Continuing Education hosted a webinar on "Handling Difficult Project Situations", presented by Mark Waldof, project manager and systems engineer with more than 40 years experience. (Mark Waldof's website with templates and tools)