Process and Change Management Collaborators

Welcome to the PCMC!

Project and Change Management Collaborators (PCMC) is a vibrant and responsive peer network at the University of Minnesota. We strive to advance knowledge and foster exceptional results in project and change management.

The PCMC creates opportunities for UMN professionals to:
  • Share and learn with each other
  • Highlight existing resources
  • Encourage personal leadership
  • Identify ways to overcome inherent challenges of project and change management at the University
PCMC supports University staff taking a project and change management approach to their work as well as those in formal project and change management roles. PCMC recognizes that anyone can benefit from project and change management principles and tools even those without "project management" or "change management" in their job title or description.

Upcoming Programs and Events

October 2016 Event:  Panel Discussion
Have You Been Thrown in the Project Deep End? Techniques, Advice, and Stories for Staying Afloat
When:    Tuesday, October 25th, 1p-2:30p
Where:   Walter Library, room 101
a collaborative panel to connect professionals across the University, create opportunities to share and learn with each other, raise awareness of existing resources, and how to survive the project deep end. Panelists from across the University will share their experiences with project management at the University of Minnesota

Past 2016-2017 Programs and Events

September 2016 Event:  Ecocycle Planning Workshop
When:    Tuesday, September 27th, 1p-2:30p
Where:   Educational Sciences Building, Room 325

Ecocycle Planning is one of the methods from Liberating Structures that can help a group, department or organization:

  • review its portfolio of activities and see each of those activities in relation to the whole.

  • identify new activities that are starving for resources.

  • identify old activities that no longer fit their context.

  • identify next steps to move these activities along in their life cycle.

While these discussions traditionally happen with small groups of leaders behind closed doors, this method allows for the inclusion and input of more of the organization, allowing for potentially broader insight as well as greater ownership of the organization’s work at all levels.

In this session we’ll spend some time learning, discussing and practicing this method of planning and portfolio review.

Facilitated by Richard Matson-Daley, Office of Information Technology

Thank you to all who attended! For more information on this workshop, please see:

Ecocycle Planning Handout (PDF)

Ecocycle Planning Diagram 11x17 format (PDF)


More Information

View our 2009-2010 Annual Report (PDF), or contact us at

What members are saying

"A great source of new ideas"

"PCMC has 'de-mystified' much of the project/change management world"

"Extremely helpful in building my skills"

"A great way to connect with experienced project managers"

"At every meeting... I've made a contact that has benefited my work"

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