About PCMC

The Founding of PCMC

On September 25, 2007, fifty one intrepid, visionary University employees from 34 different University units gathered together in Walter Library to talk about “a peer-based, action/practice oriented, collaborative network” that would ultimately evolve into Project and Change Management Collaborators (PCMC). The vision discussed that day continues to be moving and motivating as a PCMC guiding principle: “because knowledge is to be shared, not owned, the group will organize, consolidate, and create a common set of tools,  protocols, terminology, resources, and strategies.” 

PCMC’s early leaders laid a clear foundation based on independence and self reliance. Programming must be available to all across the University at no cost. PCMC would not directly report to any University unit. We would stand or fall on our merits by nimbly responding to topical issues. This meant growing to be collaborative and self-sustaining while fostering developmental opportunities for our community of practitioners. 

Today, PCMC has nearly 500 subscribers to the PCMC Google Group, and has involved University community members from nearly every unit in our programming. All are welcome!

This fiscal year, PCMC will host programs and discussions that will help staff develop skills to continue making positive impacts in our daily lives at the University and beyond. We are quietly and confidently making connections across the University while growing our personal toolboxes to help the University become more effective and efficient. 

We continue to provide timely programs and benefit from the generosity of many units across the University. If you or organization have benefited, are benefiting, or will benefit from PCMC continuing its foundational principles, please talk to us about how you can help fund our programs and activities. We are frugal and our costs are minimal. Please see our information on ways to contribute your time or resources to PCMC.  

Thank you for your time and continued support!

2021-2022 Steering Committee

Heather Mathewson, College of Continuing & Professional Studies (Co-Chair)

Katie Weber, Office of Information Technology (Co-Chair)

Christopher Stordalen, College of Liberal Arts

Want to be on the Steering Committee?

If you're interested in joining the PCMC Steering Committee, please contact [email protected]. Committee members spend 4-8 hours per month on PCMC work (meetings, events, planning activities). New members/University employees welcome!