Process Improvement Toolkit

PCMC has developed a Process Improvement Toolkit that can be used by anyone at level of skill/knowledge in process improvement and project management.  The toolkit is universal, so all units at the university can apply this methodology to their process improvement initiatives.  

The templates provided here can be used on a variety of project sizes and scopes.  Look here for other helpful tools for communication and change management as well.  

G-Suite Project Management

Want to learn more on how to leverage Google Suite functionality for better Project Management?  Check out this resource created by PCMC member, Ryan Ceresnak, for UMN Google Day 2018.  This page will give you ideas and best practices on how to use Google applications to have better organized and efficient projects.  Check out Organizing & Managing Projects with Google Suite site

Project Management Lite Resources

In January 2018, Chris Bucksa and Diane Kleinman from the University Services Project Management Office, presented on a three part workshop series they created for lab managers and facilities staff on project management methodology.  They walked through their presentation and exercises used in these sessions and provided tips on how to introduce PM methodology to those with no exposure.  They have made a special edition of their presentation and resource materials available as a PCMC resource.  Check out information on problem solving, process mapping, project tools and techniques and related activities.  This resource will be a benefit to those both new and seasoned in project management work.  Go to the PCMC-PM Lite Site

Visual Meetings Resources, Tools & Techniques

Visual Meetings and the various tools and techniques used to create personal visual notes, collaborative group activities, and memorable graphic recording help increase engagement, strengthen information retention and recall, create an environment more inclusive to the ideas of the whole group, and liven up meetings that can be viewed as tedious.  Check out more information about our past Introduction to Visual Meetings Event (September 2017) and our Visual Meetings Resources, Tools, & Techniques Guide.

Google Suite Apps & Integrations for Better Project Management

Here is an ever evolving list of add on apps for Google Drive and other Google integrations that can help enhance your project management, collaboration, and communication methods:

Mindmup - Mind mapping, workflow, and diagramming tools.  

google drive logo - Indicates compatible Google Drive connection

Miro - (formerly RealtimeBoard) Virtual collaborative white board.  Draw, diagram, brainstorm, pin docs/pics/sites.  

google drive logo - Indicates compatible Google Drive connection

Trello - Project and task management in an easy, intuitive platform.  Google Drive Power Up Integration

google drive logo - Indicates compatible Google Drive connection
 = Connect via Google Drive.  From the "New" menu in Drive, select "more" then "Connect more apps" and search for these and other additional apps to     enhance your Google Drive experience.

Project Management Software Review Tool (Coming Soon)

A number of years ago, PCMC held a Project Management Software Expo - a showcase of the various PM tools that were used across the University, how they were used, who used them, and what types of projects could benefit from the tools.  We want to take the information collected at the expo, clean it up, and add to it to create a new resource here.   

Please take a moment to complete the PCMC Project Management Software Tool Survey for each software program you wish to report on.  Your submissions will help us build a directory with use cases and information from across the University to help others find tools that work well for their teams and projects.  The form has a picklist of common tools that were shared during the expo, but you can add new tools by selecting the “other” feature.

Let us know if you have any questions at [email protected] and please complete this form by September 12th.  Once the tool is published, we will have a form available for additions and changes.